The Garage Sale – 2016

Synopsis: A happily married couple, Russ and Susan, decide to declutter. They hold a garage sale. During the sale the Susan finds a jump drive that reveals a secret her husband has been hiding for years. What happens at the garage sale, after the secret is revealed, is epic.

The Test 2017

Synopsis: A woman, Tess, is trapped in an abusive relationship. It seems that the cycle of violence will never end until she hatches a master plan that leads to her freedom.

The Thirty Fifth Amendment 2017

Synopsis: Donald Trump was elected to a second term of office. When his second term is finished, America is a very different place. What changed America the most? The enactment of the Thirty Fifth Amendment.

Sunny Path Resort 2019

Synopsis: John and Trina’s car breaks down in a remote northern area. A tow truck is not able to reach them until the next day. A naturist resort is the only place they can take refuge for the night. Trina begins to enjoy the lifestyle of the resort. John can’t wait to leave. Fate intervenes, and they both end up remaining at the resort for the rest of their lives.

Naked Yoga – 2020

Synopsis: Judy, the wife of a small-town mayor operates the only yoga studio in town. Zoe, a young, big city bred, woman moves to town and opens her own yoga studio. A yoga studio war breaks out. Who ultimately wins this war will be in the hands of one person.

The Audition – 2021

Synopsis: Zoe is a young innocent woman who wants to be a movie star. Tony, her boyfriend, secretly doesn’t want that to happen. Who will prevail? It all comes down to the audition.

The Audition

The Deposit – 2023
Written by John Fenik and Val Landriault.

Synopsis: A sociopathic cop, Detective West, extorts money from sex worker, Maggie. Detective Wests behavior becomes increasingly unhinged.  There seems to be no way out for Maggie until an unexpected friend steps in.